Denise scrub set


The Aileen scrub set

These sets are comfy and classic. They have a modern straight leg style. Perfect for an admin setting or a Hospital setting. If you are looking for a more classic style. These are the scrubs for you. This is a unisex set.

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Jogger Scrub

The Lisa Jogger collection delivers the most figure-flattering fit while remaining comfortable enough to wear past your shift.

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I’ve been working in pharmacy going on 20 years now and I’ve witnessed first hand the typical style of scrubs that pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, nurses, doctors, as well as dentists, cosmetologist and even veterinarians wear on a daily basis go from basic and cheap to fashionable and pricey. Here at MILA, we want to combine affordability with comfort and style. So we offer a few different styles and cuts along with a variety of colors and designs at a great price.